n. starch-producing granule in plants

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Amyloplast — Amyloplasts also convert this starch into sugar, for when the plant needs energy. In the day, in plants, there is more sugar than starch present. At night, there is more starch than sugar present.Large numbers of amyloplasts can be found in… …   Wikipedia

  • amyloplast — noun Date: 1886 a colorless plastid that forms and stores starch …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • amyloplast — A granule in the protoplasm of a plant cell that is the center of a starch forming process. SYN: amylogenic body. [amylo + G. plastos, formed] * * * am·y·lo·plast am ə lō .plast n a colorless starch forming plastid …   Medical dictionary

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  • Plastid — Plastids are major organelles found in plants and algae. Plastids often contain pigments used in photosynthesis, and the types of pigments present can change or determine the cell s color. Plastids are also the site of manufacture and storage of… …   Wikipedia

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